Aura for Integrated Solutions specializes in research and development of innovative technological solutions for products and services.

Headquartered in Palestine and registered as a Palestinian company, Aura has international experience and works on a global level.

The company is launched in October 2017 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA. Aura’s experience runs deep in graphic design, motion graphics, games development, systems analysis and development, Internet of Things (IoT),  and digital marketing.

We supports active engagement of researchers in real development and research problems, and has the capacity to host researchers and trainees within its workplace.

This strategic approach gives researchers opportunities to learn by doing, and to reflect on their activities. This empowers them to apply their theoretical knowledge to practical endeavors in future research issues.


turn the dreams of our clients into a reality.


Aura for Integrated Solutions provides quality and innovative solutions for customers around the world in the fields, graphic design, motion graphics, game development, Web development, IoT and digital marketing. The goal is to accelerate the development of societies and enable people and businesses to realize their entire projects, from the idea stage to the marketing stage, under one roof. This is accomplished via sophisticated teamwork and dedication to the highest quality, encouraging innovation and creativity.

Goal and Objectives

main objectives include developing long-term client relationships by implementing innovative solutions, and offering our customers quality services anytime and anywhere.

Aura aspires to be one of the leading companies in providing technological solutions and services that fulfill the desires of customers.


Internet of Things Team

Iyad Abuhadrous
CEO – IoT Team leader
Zakaria Al-Zaq
R&D Engineer
Doaa Abunada
R&D Engineer
Zahraa Abu Allaban
R&D Engineer

Art Team (Design & Animation)

Belal Abukhedeir
Art Team Leader, Animator
Ahmed Al-Shaer
Esraa Abu Ayyad
2D Artist G-Designer
Haneen Abunqaira

Games Dev. Team

Ahmed Alaff
Unity Team Lead
Abdallah Abualatta
Unity developer
Basma Abuewaida
2D artist
Ranya Murad
2D artist

Marketing Team

Badawi Arafat
COO, Graphic designer
Saja Sabbah
Graphics designer
Nadine El-Oweiti
Content Writer

Software Team

Mohammed Qedama
Team Leader, Systems Adminstrator
Mohammed Matar
Systems Analysis