Project Info

Escaped Sheep, a simple and endlessly exciting game provided by gaming company Aura for integrated solutions.

The most important thing that distinguishes it is that it is a game suitable for adults and children where you find suspense and entertainment and all of this to save the fleeing sheep from the barriers that he will encounter in the game environment, this game depends on one player where the Aura sheep is randomly generated in an environment that contains barriers of sharp knives all you need It is jumping and avoiding sharp knives barriers because if you do not jump at the appropriate height the sheep will be hit and the game ends, to return again to the starting point and play from the beginning of the road, in the event that you continue to play and do not touch the barriers the barriers will increase in front of you so you have to increase your focus and accuracy so that you can exceed them and the more you increase Help The track increases your score, this game is available on Google Play. As for how to play it by using the screen, enjoy the Aura Fugitive Lamb game in an environment full of adventure and a love of exploration.


Project Details
  • <strong>Date:</strong>  25 jully 2014
  • <strong>Client:</strong>  Client Name
  • <strong>Skills:</strong>  Photoshop, Illustrator
  • <strong>Website:</strong>