Project Info

Scuba diving is a deep dive game which allows the diver to collect challenge coins, the scuba diver should avoid the fishes like: puffer fish , gold fish , koi and flying fish , in addition to the biggest enemy : the shark.
The collecting points and score make you in high places in the scuba diving game leaderboard.
That deep dive game have a nice background with red and green algae, in addition to a fantastic User interface (UI) .
The game is one of the hyper-casual category games which makes player enjoying, without needing any guidance.
If you play the scuba diving game you will feel like you are flying in the water.
We are in Aura company enjoying in create such games and we will be motivated and feeling positive when having your 5 stars feedback and review


Project Details
  • <strong>Date:</strong>  25 jully 2014
  • <strong>Client:</strong>  Client Name
  • <strong>Skills:</strong>  Photoshop, Illustrator
  • <strong>Website:</strong>