We help individuals and organizations analyse, plan, create prototypes, and deploy IoT models, from an idea to the final release of the product. This work is based on the nine-step methodology. We will cooperate with you closely to meet your expectations. Quality, speed and thorough testing are our top priorities. You will be also provided with the related documentation.

Research & Planning

This is the first very important part of the development. We will cooperate closely at this stage to specify all your requirements. We deliver a technical report.

Prototype development

Initial development of hardware and software (firmware), web or mobile application development to present the basic functionality of the product.


Thorough testing of all functions to make sure the product works smoothly and is ready for mass production.

Final Development

Finalizing the product to meet all your requirements.

Mass production

We are able to provide serial production including final testing of manufactured products, if you wish so.