Multimedia It might be A widespread term referring to Utilization And merging many of Different media Like Text, audio, graphics, animation, video and interactive applications to present the content in an interactive Thanks to Achieve one or more specific information.

And the two-word multimedia was defined used with Arabic translation [Multi] It means multiple, and [Media] It means a medium or media that is known as: Collection Of computer applications That will Stores information during Kind of          
        Formats including text, still images, animations, and sounds, Then Displayed during Interactive compatible with User paths .

And therefore, From Multimedia is clear May be A mixture of means Computational and the Academy To provide A hyperlinked interactive environment with audio, image and video programs interlinked with graphics used in Programs. Rankings Multimedia multimedia is divided Their rankings into two lines, linear and non-linear, and display mostly linear content Without any               Interaction between the user and therefore User, such as: cinema. Nonlinearity is used in interactions to view media Like Electronic games and training Self on the computer “Hypermedia ” For samples from Non-linear content.


Can also Sign Up Multimedia Presentations Or directly, recorded presentations may allow interaction, and direct presentations may also enable interaction by communicating with the instructor or Participants. Multiple application elements: image text animation the sound Video.

Creative authorship programs Like. Director. Programs Author ware and programs Data production. Some Languages programming

The main characteristics of multimedia Multimedia presentation for organizational development And Often done Viewed before the individual on stage, show, transfer or display by program. Also, often done Broadcast them live, recorded or live, or recorded digitally or analog. Games, multimedia and simulation and usually used in the physical environment with Computer graphics, with many users at Internet and with space Computer so the the intention from many Species Multimedia To promote User experience, for example to make it the easiest and fastest information transfer. or at The field of entertainment or art, to transcend the daily experience, laser show It Multimedia performance. 

The machine reinforced the reaction by combining Species Multiple From content Media. at the future I want her to You reach touch, taste and smell, too.  Multimedia uses and applications and multimedia used in different fields Like, Advertising, art, education, entertainment, engineering, medicine, mathematics, business, research project and time applications setting yeh. Many examples are as shown Creative industries Via multimedia for spread of purposes starting from Fine art, entertainment, to the art to the press, to the media, programs and services provided for any of the aforementioned industries, he is the multimedia designer who designs All kinds of Multimedia in his career. Of course, This needs into a variety From Skills Technical and analytical and artistic. Commercial uses Many old and new electronic media That he uses Commercial artists are multimedia. will not Attract Interesting shows at Advertising.

Commercial multimedia designers It can also be Contract For style Government services and non-profit services applications Also About commercial ones.  Entertainment and the art in addition, multimedia is widely available used in This The show Commercial, especially to develop Computer graphics in movies, cartoons and games. Some video games also use multimedia features. Multimedia applications that allow users to actively participate instead of Just sit back and make the games interactive.

within Arts There are multimedia artists, who they Blending techniques are careful using the various media that make the viewer interact with multimedia. Another approach involves creating multimedia Which will Is displayed at The field of traditional plastic arts, Like A ‘s Exhibition. the press Corporate newspaper Round in the world Attempt To implement this new phenomenon through the implementation and its practices in their work. Major newspapers Like to New York Times – and Our       USA Therefore the Washington Post sets a precedent for setting the position of the newspaper industry During Scientist Globalized. No Confined News Reports On traditional media. Independent journalists can Cash in Diversity in new media to supply Multimedia piece to desire News about their stories. He engages all over the world an audience tells its story with technology, which has developed new communication technologies for both producers and consumers, Therefore Media and It may be A common language project and this is an example of This type Production of multimedia journalism.

usually Mentioned Journalists who use portable multimedia cameras, voice and video recorders and networked laptops) Wi- Fi)  As a mobile journalist. engineering Engineering software may be used M Multimedia in computer simulation to show off Something from entertainment to training Like Training Military or industrial. Usually done Design Multimedia As software interfaces, it aims to collaborate between professional creators and software engineers. Industry In the industrial sector, the use of multimedia as a way to help with Provide information to shareholders, superiors, co-workers and employees. Multimedia It is additionally Handy for providing employee training, advertising and sale of products all over the world via virtually unlimited technology on World wide web for sports and Research The project, at Mathematics and Research project, and multimedia and it works Mainly for modeling and simulation.

Like, the planet Could Withdrawal Molecular Model Specific Secured and manipulated to go back With Replace Matter. Often done Find On the actor in magazines Like Multimedia Magazine. Medicine In medicine, doctors can get their course Watch method Virtual surgery or how it can be simulated the physical body He Suffering from Diseases spread by viruses and Bacteria Then Technologies development to stop This. Photography document. Photocopying documents May be The way you take On tough A copy of picture / Document and converts it to digital format for example, scanners Disabled Some media allow people with disabilities to get qualifications at Multimedia field In order to Follows the professions that allow them To own Good group From Species Communication The strong . 

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