The web development process include the following steps

Information Gathering

Whether it’s a formal Request For Quotation (RFQ), a statement of requirements, or just a detailed email, everything starts with the initial brief you give to your web agency.


The site structure forms the backbone of the website. It acts as a reference guide for the team during the entire duration of the project. Use flowcharts to show the flow of the structure.


 laying out the user interface in a way that is visually appealing, accessible to all users, and cross-functional on mobile and desktop devices.


This phase encompasses the nitty-gritty of developing the website. It’s where the programmers write the code, the database engineers build the data models, systems engineers set up the servers, and so on.

Testing and Delivery

Before a developer passes a new feature over to you for testing, they will often have another member of their team perform a dry run of the user acceptance tests.


Core upgrades and patching, Incremental improvements and Hotfixes and troubleshooting