What It is Photoshop

Photoshop It is the most widely used image processing program in the world, directed to image design, editing and processing, and is used in almost all areas even in company scientific investigations to preview images taken from the crime scene.

Adobe She is a software developer Photoshop After buying it from two people who developed its infrastructure, the company focused on challenging it to be the most effective with a bundle of tools available that help design professional photos.

Uses Photoshop in designing logos, interface sites, and applications as well as video game extensions, especially 2D, images are combined, and realistic effects and tricks are combined.

What He a program The Strator and the photographer

The modern era program compares Dr. In Photoshop, Development company Adobe Itself, but it provides tools y Data and more details based on the idea of ​​the special designs for those artworks, and many details about tourist maps, wallpaper, and more.

a program Illustrator It is very popular in the Arab world with the spread of an idea Reskin And take advantage of the applications for the ease of designing images from photos.

The idea of ​​the program is use Illustrator: A The destination that allows you to control the size of images without changing their quality even after saving for them.

The difference between a program Photoshop And Illustrator:

In general, both Programs C Main: But in content, each focuses on one type of graphic design

The two main digital photo Species:

The first: bitmap, racist or bitmap, and many related terms, which we hear a lot Pixel, Bitmap, Rasterize

And the second: the Victorian or Radial Image, and it is associated with many terms such as: Vector, meta, postscript, scalable.


The difference between the two is great even though they are ultimately a digital photo

The first is a group of colored dots arranged in the form of a two-dimensional matrix that gives them from a distance the shape of a specific image while in reality they are points next to each other. Each color has a specific color consisting of the primary colors of light RGB or print CMYK This is for Photoshop.

The second, is the design Victorian, it is a representation of engineering drawings whose main components are the standard shapes such as line, rectangle, ellipse, curved with particles, as well as the complex shapes of the series of points forming a polygon or path and this is specific to the painter.

Creative authorship programs Like. Director. Programs Author ware and programs Data production. Some Languages programming

The main characteristics of multimedia Multimedia presentation for organizational development And Often done Viewed before the individual on stage, show, transfer or display by program. Also, often done Broadcast them live, recorded or live, or recorded digitally or analog. Games, multimedia and simulation and usually used in the physical environment with Computer graphics, with many users at Internet and with space Computer so the the intention from many Species Multimedia To promote User experience, for example to make it the easiest and fastest information transfer. or at The field of entertainment or art, to transcend the daily experience, laser show It Multimedia performance. 

With the properties of each element represented by the color of the bounding frame, its thickness, fill color, and whether the color is simple or complex in the form of gradients or repeat patterns

This difference between the two types of images gives properties of each type not present in the other, so that each type has advantages and disadvantages that make it a suitable type for use in a field

Point type is one of its positives:

  1. Its size is small and stable for small pictures
  2. The details can be smaller represent the details of things and this is what makes it suitable for images Alfotjrafh
  3. The ability to implement image processing algorithms that depend on mathematical equations applied tocolor pixels

Its disadvantages:

  1. Grow up with a bigger picture
  2. It is distorted when the image is enlarged, which makes small photo printing look bad.
  3. The fact that its cars are arranged points makes adjusting the details of photos a burdensome process, due to the modification of the areas that affect the surrounding areas inside the image may not belong to the object to the modification, such as moving or zooming in.
  4. The inability to adjust things inside the image because moving one of them will create space in its place because the original background is unknown, which requires diligence and some operations to fill it out.

The Victorian cartoons are positive:

  1. Size is very small compared to bitmap images.
  2. The file size is not affected by the image size.
  3. Theability to enlarge the image at any size without affecting the quality.
  4. Clarity of designs after printing, especially texts, where they appear with sharp and clear edges.
  5. Color saturation, consistency and stability after printing, especially when using Pantone colors.
  6. Theability to modify the components of the image by moving it, changing colors, scaling, deleting, and adding everything or any element that contains its information, which makes its modification does not affect the rest of the elements.
  7. Because the elements are placed in layers, i.e. arrangement Z Modifying the elements does not create a void because the background elements are present in their full details, making animations replace the void with background shapes.
  8. The ability to create animations by changing the properties of elements only in terms of size, location and colors over time unlike bitmaps. Creating animated clips is possible only through successive images.


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