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Save Children Amal

Amal character script - inspired by the Conflict Preparedness and Protection Magazine's team

Preparation and protection in times of conflict while you are outside

Hello friends, I am Amal, a member of the Conflict Preparedness and Protection Program team funded by the Norwegian People's Aid. I love my parents and help them with the housework. I also love my school, I love listening to my friends and helping them solve their problems, I care about details, and I am quick-witted as well. As hobbies, I enjoy reading, making crafts, and writing poetry. My favorite color is orange, which represents vitality and warmth.

Today, I will show you how to protect yourselves in case you are outside your home when there is a sudden explosion or bombing.

First: You must get to the ground quickly to protect yourself from the blast and shrapnel.

Then we wait for the immediate danger to pass and quickly seek refuge in the nearest building until the danger is over. If there are no buildings around, we should seek shelter in the nearest natural cover, such as a ditch, or behind a sturdy object like a wall.

Always remember the safety position, which will help protect your body from the dangerous effects of an explosion. Here’s how to do it:

·        Cover your head at point where your skull meets your spine.

·        Cover your ears with your forearms to protect against hearing loss and the perforation of your eardrums.

·        Close your eyes to protect them from harm.

·        Keep your mouth open and breath normally to reduce harm to your internal organs caused by the explosion’s blast pressure.

In the case of an explosion, while you are in your vehicle, you must immediately stop, turn off the engine, get out and apply the safety position, and then take the nearest building as shelter.

What about you? What are your interests and hobbies? Your favorite color? Have you ever experienced an explosion or bombing when you were out of your home alone or with your families, and did you follow the proper safety precautions?



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